City of Baltimore Projects


Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW)

Sanitary Sewer Consent Decree Program

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Program Management Services

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DPW Engineering Projects

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DPW Construction Management Projects

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Baltimore City Department of General Services (DGS)

  • 1220 – On-Call Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Services:
  • 1805 – On-Call Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Design Services for the Design and Construction Division:
    • Roland Park Water Tower Renovation Design
    • Phoenix Shot Tower Renovation Design
    • Contract Management Assistance-Software Development
    • Baltimore City Shot Tower Renovation Design
  • GS14814R – Construction Management Services for Water Street Garage Repair


Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT)

  • 1060 – Preston Gardens / St. Paul Place Retaining Wall Stabilization & Repair
  • 1162 – On-Call Consultant Services for Reconstruction & Resurfacing Projects:
    • Preston Gardens Waterline
    • Component Based Level Service Analysis
  • 1225 – On-Call Design Consultant Services for Resurfacing  and Reconstruction Projects:
    • Component Based Level of Service Analysis
    • Primavera Contract Management version 14 (CM14) OnBase Support
  • 1257 – On-Call Conduit Infrastructure Design Services:
    • Structural Engineering Analysis and Assessment to Support the Distributed Antenna System and Small Cell Installation Program
    • Engineering Staff Review & Approval for Highway Signs & Traffic Signals
    • General On-Site Construction Inspection Services
    • Engineering Staff Support (DAS) for Conduits Division
  • TR12317 – Central Avenue Streetscape and Harbor Point Connector Bridge/Design Build
  • 1320 – Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant Sparrows Point Outfall Rehabilitation And Replacement
  • 1325 – On-Call Construction Project Management Services for Federal Aid Roadways, Bridges and Associated Projects for The City of Baltimore Department of Transportation
  • 1341 – On-Call Design Consultant Services for Roadways Traffic and Associated Projects
  • 1342 – On-Call Construction Project Management Services for Roadways, Bridges, Traffic, Conduits and Associated Projects
  • 1343 – On-Call Design Consultant Services for Conduit Infrastructure and Associated Projects


Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks (BCRP) 

  • 1232 – On-Call Engineering Design Services
    • Construction Management Services for Cahill Fitness and Wellness Center (RP 17806)
  • 1314 – On-Call Architectural Design Services
    • Parkview Recreation Center and Park Schematic Design Narrative
    • Chick Webb Recreation Center Renovation and Addition
    • Henderson Hopkins Renovations
  • 1315 – On-Call Civil Design Services,
    • Construction Management Services for Cahill Fitness & Wellness Center
    • Construction Management Services for Druid Hill Aquatic Center
  • 1316 – On-Call Historical Architectural Design Services
    • Gwynns Falls Park Campground
    • Palm House Feasibility Study
  • 1317 – On-Call Landscape Architectural Design Services
    • Jackson Park Phase II