City of Baltimore Projects


  • Improvements of Jones Falls Sewershed Collection System – Project No. 1116J
  • Improvement of High Level Sewershed Collection System- Project No. 1141J/SC907
  • Improvements of the Gwynns Falls Sewershed Collection System, Area A – Project No. SC920
  • Urgent Needs Stormwater Engineering Services – Project No. BC1086
  • Wastewater Engineering Design Services for the Jones Falls and High Level Sewersheds – Project No. 1202
  • Distribution Water Main Replacement Design of Various Locations and Leak Repairs – Project No. 1133K
  • Program Management Services for the City of Baltimore Water Facilities Rehabilitation Program – Project No. 1206
  • Capital Improvement Program – Project No. SC1207
  • Solid Waste Facilities Management Services – Project No. 1157K
  • On Call Consultation Services for Reconstruction and Resurfacing Projects – Project No. 1162
  • On-Call Environmental Engineering Services – Project No. 1182W
  • SDC 7789 – Small Storm Drain and Inlet Repairs at Various Locations – Project No. 1195
  • Moore’s Run Storm Water – Project No. 1086
  • Project and Construction Management Assistance on Water Contract 1204 (Druid Lake Covered Reservoirs – Project No. 1259)
  • Central Avenue Design Build-Contract No. TR12317