Victor Cullen Center Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System Upgrades

Albrecht Engineering’s Responsibility:
Structural Engineering
Project Owners Name:
Maryland Environmental Services
Sabillasville, MD
Completion date:
2023 (estimated)

Cost project: $8 Million
Work for which responsible: $1.5 Million

Structural design, including the preparation of construction documents, for the new Membrane Bio-Reaction WWTP facility including below grade EQ tanks, MBR process building, and coarse screen vault. Performed structural design and prepared construction documents for a new 4,500 square foot (footprint) masonry building with a steel moment frame. The roof framing consists of wood trusses supported on masonry walls or steel beams and columns. The foundation consists of cast in place concrete slab and footings. The lower level plan consists of reinforced concrete pre- and post-equalization tanks. The adjacent coarse screen vault is also reinforced concrete.

stripping interior wall form pre eq
stripping final form from pre eq walls