Greensboro WWTP

Albrecht Engineering’s Responsibility:
Structural Engineering
Project Owners Name:
Town of Greensboro
Greensboro, MD
Completion date:

Cost project: $5 Million
Work for which responsible: $2 Million

The projects consist of the design of a new wastewater treatment facility in Greensboro, MD. Structural engineering tasks include the design of a 825,000 gallon concrete tank, a 2,200 square foot masonry and wood truss blower building, a 1,100 square foot wood framed plant operations building, a concrete UV disinfection structure, alum storage foundation structure, and concrete filter cascade structure. Preparation of design documents for the design of a new waste water treatment facility. Prepared structural plans and details for a plant operation building, blower building, alum storage tanks, concrete ultraviolet chamber and effluent equalization tank. This project won the Award of Merit from the ENR MidAtlantic magazine.

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