Maryland Port Administration Projects


  • Structural Evaluation of the World Trade Center Plaza
  • Evaluation of Firestone Building at North Locust Point Terminal
  • Structural Calculations for Wind Loads on the World Trade Center Building
  • Green Roof Design at Dundalk Marine Terminal
  • Relieving Platform at Fairfield Marine Terminal
  • Investigation, Emergency Repairs, and Temporary Shoring for Dundalk Marine Terminal Building 602A
  • Agency-Wide Building Repairs
  • Evaluation and Repair of Valve Rooms at South Locust Point, North Locust Point and Dundalk Marine Terminals
  • Evaluation of Loading Docks at Baltimore World Trade Center
  • Assessment and Repairs of Damages to Dundalk Marine Terminal Building 90A
  • Cruise Terminal Breezeway Roof Replacement and HVAC Upgrades at South Locust Point Marine Terminal