Geodata Visualization Support Services

Albrecht Engineering has been working with Baltimore Gas & Electric, a division of Exelon, to provide Geodata Visualization support services.

The work involved consists of the development of new geospatial tools and data integrations to three major areas of effort:

  • Leak survey scheduling and forecasting
  • Inactive service management

Work order analysis Specific deliverables have included but are not limited to:

  • Python tool that graphically displays 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year work organized by target month and year of completion cross-referenced with service and main data in each spatial region with a dynamic asset profile for each survey region
  • Python tool linking gas services to their CC&B status to identify inactive services
  • Python tool to identify gas service points located in heavy commercial areas which serves to redefine commercial surveying boundaries. This process decreased the surveying area resulting in substantial savings costs through decreased drive time and man hours dedicated to field work.

Other one-off tasks such as use of LandSat imagery to determine impervious service area of natural gas networks in various Exelon ownership areas.

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GeoData Support Service at Albrecht Engineering