BGE Commercial Zones

Albrecht Engineering performed a geospatial business analysis to assist BG&E in the refinement of their commercial grid for improved gas surveying. AEI worked closely with BG&E to develop their definition of ‘What defines a commercial zone?’ based on the number of commercial points that fell within defined neighborhood areas. Once the neighborhoods were defined, varying buffer zones and tariff values were taken into consideration to develop several scenarios. All of the input parameters were factored into a Python script that outputted the resulting feature classes and analytics that answered questions such as:

  • How much overlap is there between the outputted survey areas and BGE’s legacy survey area?
  • What is the size (in percentage) of the outputted survey areas compared to that of BGE’s legacy survey area?
  • How many commercial points, residential points, and miles of main fall within these outputted survey areas compared to those of the legacy survey area?

These analytics allowed BG&E to select the best scenario for their surveying needs which will ultimately help them in the reduction of man-hours needed in the field to survey a similar number of commercial points.

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BGE Commercial Points Survey Analysis