Howard County CMOM

On March 9th, 2010, Howard County Department of Public Works entered into a Complaint and Settlement Agreement with the State of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Water Management Administration. The County’s Bureau of Utilities required a consultant to provide on-site engineering services, under the direction of the designated Bureau manager, to assist in the County’s Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) program.

Albrecht Engineering provides support as the onsite engineer, with the goal of ensuring conformance and compliance with the Agreement. We manage and monitor the progress of various repair, renew and new construction projects performed by County’s on-call contractors.

In addition, our engineer chairs the oversight team, which is responsible for coordinating various stakeholders and overseeing different components under the CMOM program, including collection system cleaning, CCTV inspection, smoke and dye test, main and manhole rehabilitation, right-of-way clearing, cleanout repair, pump station inspection, Overflow Emergency Response Plan and Fat Oil & Grease (FOG) program.

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